It may not begin shooting until next spring, but you can check out a teaser poster for the upcoming sequel 'Red 2' right now. Yes, right this second, you, avid reader of the internet, can look at some famous people from behind and existentially ponder what all of it means.

While 'Red' helmer Robert Schwentke is out, the addition of Dean Parisot ('Galaxy Quest') definitely has us interested in the action-packed screwball shenanigans the sequel might offer. 'Red 2' features returning stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren, along with newcomers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee ('I Saw the Devil,' 'G.I. Joe'). Original writers Jon and Erich Hoeber are back on board with a new script.

The first film followed former black-ops agent Frank, working a banal job until some baddies tear after him and he must reassemble his old (literally) team of bad-asses to figure out who's after him and what they want.

This teaser poster doesn't give us much, unless you're just really into looking at the shadowy backsides of people -- in which case, you probably hang around dark alleys and corners a lot like an underfed gutter weirdo.

'Red 2' will hit theaters August 2, 2013. That's a long wait if you keep track of things like time and calendars and stuff.