'Red 2' doesn't even hit theaters until later this summer, but that hasn't stopped Summit from already getting to work on 'Red 3.' That means the studio must have a lot of faith in the second adventure of Bruce Willis and his aging comrades-in-arms, which will attempt to replicate the surprising success of the first film in a few months.

The announcement was made in The Hollywood Reporter, who also say that writers Jon and Erich Hoeber have been hired to has out a script for 'Red 3.' They're involvement shouldn't be too surprising -- they wrote both of the previous films in the series and you know what they say about fixing things that aren't broken. Not revealed is who will potentially step behind the camera for the third outing. Since Dean Parisot replaced Robert Schwentke on the second film, there's a strong chance they'll grab someone completely new for round three.

The same piece also claims that 'Red 2' is testing through the roof, which is a good enough reason to get started on another one, we suppose. The first 'Red' was nothing if not a crowd pleaser and it cost only a fraction of most summer action movies. This feels like a franchise that could have legs for a few more films.

'Red 2' will once again star Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as aging assassins. This time around, they will be joined by Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Korean superstar Byung-hun Lee. The film will hit theaters on July 19th.

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