At the end of Sweet Home Alabama, Reese Witherspoon finally marries her hometown sweetheart and they live happily ever after. Now let’s pretend a few years down the road that marriage didn’t work out, and she realized Josh Lucas was holding her back from being the woman she never got to be. Now in her 40s, Reese just wants to live again! She gets separated (exchanging Lucas for Michael Sheen), returns home (subbing in Los Angeles for Alabama) and decides to let loose and invite three random dudes to move into her home. That’s Home Again, in a nutshell, which I am convinced is a secret Sweet Home Alabama sequel.

The new Nancy Meyers-produced rom-com features the Big Little Lies star as Alice Kinney, a newly single mother of two who returns to Los Angeles because… I don’t know. This trailer, and synopsis, give zero additional information or plot details. Witherspoon spends the majority of the trailer crying, or making hyperbolic facial expressions, or fawning over a really young dude. Oh yeah, this movie is about Witherspoon getting so drunk that she invites three guys to move in with her, then falls in love with one. Now I’m all for women hooking up with men of any age and subverting the younger-woman-older-man trope, but Witherspoon’s love interest looks to be about 15.

Sweet Home Again Alabama is the debut feature from writer-director Hallie Meyers-Shyer, the daughter of the It’s Complicated filmmaker. Along with Sheen, it also stars Candice Bergen (see! told you this was Sweet Home Alabama 2) Lake Bell, Nat Wolff, Pico Alexander, and Jon Rudnitsky. The new movie hits theaters this September, giving them enough time to retitle this rom-com Sweet Home Los Angeles.

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