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‘Apostle’ Review: Dan Stevens Leads a Familiar Cult Thriller
Gareth Evans captivated audiences in 2011 with The Raid, a pulse-pounding action-thriller that showcased his fascination with Indonesian martial arts as well as an exceptional knack for editing and fight choreography. For his fifth feature, Apostle, the Welsh filmmaker ditches many of the elements with which his name has become synonymous in favor of a grim fable about a religious cult in the early 20th century. It’s solid enough, though you’d probably never suspect Evans directed it if his name wasn’t in the credits.
David Tennant, Michael Sheen Cast in Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’
Neil Gaiman books are so hot right now. We’ve already seen Bryan Fuller’s American Gods hit Starz by storm earlier this year, and, not to be left out of all the fun, Amazon picked up the rights for another of Gaiman’s books, Good Omens, a few months ago. News has been pretty quiet on that project ever since, until today’s announcement that the two lead roles of the book have officially been cast, and it’s ineffably perfect: Michael Sheen will play the role of straight-laced angel Aziraphale, and David Tennant is his demon frenemy Crowley.
‘Home Again’ Trailer: Reese Witherspoon Falls for a Younger Guy
It’s no secret that Hollywood has an ageism issue. While most actresses over 45 are doomed to playing mothers, grandmothers, or not getting any work at all, male actors’ careers are easily extended into their more distinguished decades. The last time Tom Cruise had a female co-star close to his age was Miranda Otto in 2005’s War of the Worlds. Which is why it’s so refreshing these days to see actresses past their thirties get a younger love interest. Or, is it? The Home Again trailer is here to test that theory.
Reese Witherspoon Cries a Lot in the Nancy Meyers-Produced ‘Home Again’ Trailer
At the end of Sweet Home Alabama, Reese Witherspoon finally marries her hometown sweetheart and they live happily ever after. Now let’s pretend a few years down the road that marriage didn’t work out, and she realized Josh Lucas was holding her back from being the woman she never got to be. Now in her 40s, Reese just wants to live again! She gets separated (exchanging Lucas for Michael Sheen), returns home (subbing in Los Angeles for Alabama) and decides to let loose and invite three random dudes to move into her home. That’s Home Again, in a nutshell, which I am convinced is a secret Sweet Home Alabama sequel.
Michael Bolton's 'Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special' Trailer
It’s been a good long while since Bill Murray brought us a Netflix Christmas special, and who better than Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island to take us through Valentine’s Day? See for yourself in a full trailer for Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special, chock full of stars, and already available to stream for next week.
Michael Sheen to Step Away From Acting, Step Into Activism
Just about six months ago, I wrote my very first ScreenCrush news item about actor Michael Sheen stepping into the director’s chair for Green River Killer, a film about the notorious Washington state serial killer and his decades-long exchanges with local police officers. I never would’ve guessed back then that my career as a news item writer would outlast Sheen’s career as an actor, but today, news broke that the actor would be stepping away from Hollywood indefinitely to shift into political organizing in his hometown of Port Talbot.
Showtime's 'Masters of Sex' Not Returning for Season 5
Oh, and the anti-climax jokes that ensue. Showtime’s Masters of Sex once ranked as an early breakout for the network, but lost steam in its latter seasons, even as the most recent run returned some critical praise. Sadly, Masters & Johnson have officially closed up shop, as Showtime confirms Masters of Sex won’t return for Season 5.

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