While his recent film output ('Rob Zombie's Halloween,' 'The Haunted World of El Superbeasto') has mostly left audiences apathetic or outright enraged, director Rob Zombie has found a new niche: Directing commercials. It's better than another 'Halloween' sequel, that's for sure.

FEARnet has the exclusive premiere of Zombie's latest commercial. Following his debut with an ad for Woolite, the musician-turned-director directs cult horror favorite Clint Howard in this ad for Amdro ant bait. Yes, ant bait.

Zombie is currently in production on 'The Lords of Salem' and has a handful of tour dates with metal band Megadeth, but while we wait for him to give us something new, we can relish in this 30 second TV spot for Amdro. Perhaps his fanbase is now all older people who own homes and need to kill ants.

Clint Howard is Clint Howard, and works mostly when people ask him to or when his brother Ron has a new movie. He is probably best remembered from an appearance on the original 'Star Trek' and for his starring role in the film 'Evil Speak.' The first part of a planned three-part series highlighting the ways in which ants drive people insane, this installment features Clint Howard -- a pro at crazy -- in the aptly titled "Death Note."