Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie to Direct Groucho Marx Biopic
Rob Zombie may not seem like the obvious choice for a movie based on the last years in the life of comic actor and icon Groucho Marx. Best — and only — known for his dark horror films, Zombie has actually been a fan of the Marx brothers for most of his life, and while his horror output…
New 'Halloween' Sequel in the Works
It's been a while since we've heard anything about a new installment in the 'Halloween' franchise, but it's still alive and kicking just like its unstoppable villain. Formerly titled 'Halloween 3D,' Dimension films is moving ahead with the newly retitled 'Hall…
'The Lords of Salem' Review
'The Lords of Salem,' Rob Zombie's long-awaited (though not so highly anticipated) follow-up to 'H2' shows a director who desperately wants to prove he's matured visually, but the results are unsurprisingly derivative.
'The Lords of Salem' Trailer
There's nothing wrong or inherently bad about being a magpie artist. Quentin Tarantino famously steals from his favorite films (the good ones and the bad ones). The real test is if you do it well. Rob Zombie's latest 'The Lords of Salem' looks familiar, but is this good Zombie or…

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