Rob Zombie is not only the writer/director of the upcoming big screen reboot of the 1960s sitcom The Munsters, he's also a huge fan. And that's something that comes through in the dedication that Zombie is asking for in helping to recreate the looks for his current film project. As work on the movie continues, Zombie has been generous offering behind-the-scenes look at the costuming, recently sharing images from the wardrobe department in recreating some of the garments.

"Things are really heating up in the wardrobe department here in Budapest. Here are a few quick glimpses," wrote Zombie, spotlighting Grandpa Munster's cape, a diaphanous spiderweb-themed wrap and more. Check out the looks below.

Previous posts have also showcased the sculpting that has gone on to create Herman's brow and flathead appearance, additional models and garments dressing the family members, one of the wig creations and even the location where they are building not only The Munsters house but the entire Mockingbird Heights neighborhood.

The original Munsters series premiered in 1964 and aired for two seasons, eventually concluding its run after suffering ratings hits when going up against ABC's Batman.

The series featured the Frankenstein-esque Herman Munster, his vampiric wife Lily, her grandfather, their teenage niece Marilyn and the couple's werewolf-like son Eddie.

The film is currently in pre-production, with Zombie checking in while on location in Budapest.

As fans may be aware, a Munsters influence has also informed Zombie's music career — his hit solo song "Dragula" was named after the vehicle from series that originally aired on CBS from 1964-1966.

In 2018, Zombie told Loudwire, "I think for the most part, with most horror movies, it's the weird ones that seem to stick with people. It's not the blockbusters that did $100 million that was everywhere, that everybody loved. Sometimes those just get forgotten. It's kind of the weird movies that really hit the fan base. Like Evil Dead — that wasn't a blockbuster that did $100 million. … Those are the ones that stick around."

It remains to be seen if that thought process will also apply to his Munsters reboot.

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