Musician turned filmmaker Rob Zombie has been absent from cinemas since 2009's 'Halloween II.' We knew he was working on a new film called 'The Lords of Salem,' but things have been pretty quiet on his end, particularly for a film that was supposed to be nearing completion by now. Today, Zombie offered an update on the film and shared a handful of new stills.

Here are the words straight from the man himself:

"By the way, for those of you wondering if THE LORDS OF SALEM is finished. The answer is no. I had to take a break due to the Megadeth tour and a few other things. I will be returning to work on the film in July to finish it up."

It's not often that a filmmaker has to pause post-production on his film because he has to go on tour with his band, but that's one of Rob Zombie's First World Problems, we suppose. The stills Zombie supplied with this message (which you can see at the link above) look very much in line with the rest of filmography: grim, weird and filthy. The man is nothing if not consistent. Actual plot details are a little more scarce, but we do know that it's about a coven of resurrected witches wreaking havoc around modern day Salem, Massachusetts, three centuries after the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

'The Lords of Salem' is Zombie's return to smaller, indie horror after his left turn into studio horror with his abysmal 'Halloween' remake and its equally disastrous sequel. 'House of 1000 Corpses' and 'The Devil's Rejects' are certainly not everyone's cup of tea (they're strictly for people who take their tea with a spoonful of guts and sprinkling of rape), but they had a strong identity and style. In a genre as crowded as horror, auteurs are rare. Zombie's return may not be universally celebrated, but it will certainly draw interest.