Robert De Niro has officially joined 'Last Vegas,' which would have him among four older gentleman traveling to the city of sin for a bachelor party. One imagines that hijinks and supposed hilarity will follow. Michael Douglas is already confirmed to play the bachelor, the other two gentlemen have yet to be cast.

The film will be directed by 'National Treasure' helmer Jon Turtletaub, and was written by 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' scribe Dan Fogelman. Though it's being pitched as an older man's 'Hangover' it sounds more like 'Wild Hogs.' The film is being made by CBS pictures. Vulture tells us that Christopher Walken may also join the cast.

We knew De Niro was rumored to join the film, but he was confirmed today in a press release. At least here De Niro will be playing a curmudgeon, but after the 'Analyze This' films and the 'Meet the Parents' trilogy, seeing De Niro ham it up hasn't offered any new tricks and often depresses. When you're talking about a man who gave some of the best performances in cinema ('Raging Bull,' 'Taxi Driver' and 'The Godfather Part II' to name three), it's unfortunate that he spends so much time making crap. Hopefully this is better than 'New Year's Eve.'