And the 'RoboCop' news just keeps coming. The film is picking up serious steam and looking to cast actress Abbie Cornish as the female lead.

Deadline reports that director Jose Padilha is eying the Australian actress to play wife to Joel Kinnaman's titular 'RoboCop.' Just this week news broke that Samuel L. Jackson is also in talks to join the cast as a TV executive.

Based on the Paul Verhoeven original, 'RoboCop' tells the story of an officer gunned down in the line of duty who is then transformed into a part-human, part-machine, one man police force under the name 'RoboCop.' Cornish's role would be that of his wife, who believes herself to be a widow until RoboCop starts remembering pieces of his previous life.

Cornish most recently starred in Madonna's directorial debut, 'W.E.' and as Bradley Cooper's love interest in last year's 'Limitless.' Her other acting credits include the critically-panned 'Sucker Punch,' and the more warmly received 'Candy,' starring opposite the late Heath Ledger.

Kinnaman currently stars on AMC's 'The Killing' as Detective Holder and can be seen in the upcoming film 'Lola Versus,' alongside Greta Gerwig.