Having worked at 'Jurassic Park,' having brought the team together in 'The Avengers' and having wielded a purple lightsaber in 'Star Wars,' it's only fitting that Samuel L. Jackson would add another science fiction/fantasy classic to his resume. Jackson is joining the remake of 'Robocop.'

The Hollywood Reporter notes that he will be playing a television mogul in the universe, which adds to the notion that the plot has been completely reworked for this new entry. Gary Oldman has also joined the production as a nice scientist, so perhaps this will have more media commentary than political. But it sounds like Joel Kinnaman's Alex Murphy is still murdered and brought back from the dead as Robocop, so only so much will have changed.

Jackson joining the cast is interesting, but Jackson is one of those guys who will work to work, and likely this is a nice paycheck. He's already joined the badass hall of fame from his work in Quentin Tarantino's films (and he'll be in 'Django Unchained'), and he's given great performances in films like 'Jungle Fever.' But he's also the same actor who's appeared in films like 'Amos & Andrew,' 'The Man,' and 'Snakes on a Plane.'