We all got a good laugh last year when a few enterprising fans took to the internet with their idea to build a statue of RoboCop in the character's hometown of Detroit. (Philadelphia has a 'Rocky' statue, they argued.) The online campaign raised of $65,000 dollars but, as the Kickstarter page notes: "None of us have ever made a giant solid metal permanent sculpture before." So, yeah, it was a funny little internet meme for a month or so and most of us went and moved on with our lives.

Except the 'RoboCop' statue is actually happening.

The Detroit News is reporting that the statue is "definitely coming" and that it's just a matter of when it will be erected. Organizers are currently looking at a variety of locations for the statue including "private land near the Michigan Central Depot."

So what happened that turned the fanboy fantasy into a reality?

Well it certainly helps that the public kicked in all the funds necessary to build the statue and that it will be erected on private land. But what may have really pushed things forward is the interest of MGM, currently developing a 'RoboCop' remake with Joel Kinnaman starring in the role originated by Peter Weller.  According to the News, the studio has "officially licensed" the statue.

The RoboCop statue is expected to be approximately 10 feet tall and based off a sculpt created by Hollywood artist Fred Burton (see above). To add to the hometown feel of the project, the mold will be cast into metal at Detroit's Venus Bronze Works.

Mayor Bing has yet to respond.