Yesterday, we got our first look at the new 'RoboCop' armor and the internet reacted in with a mix of cautious optimism and apathy. Today, a licensing banner has made its way online, but is it the real deal?

Well, kind of. This is an official, studio-endorsed 'RoboCop' image, but it was never actually meant to be seen by mass audiences. It's a sales poster that was intended to grab the eye of buyers at licensing expos, not get your butt into the your local multiplex come Summer 2013. Still, it's an effective enough tease that hints at RoboCop's new look (black is the new metal, it seems) and offers one helluva tagline: "We've got the future under control."

So, the 'RoboCop' remake is rolling. We've seen the costume. We've seen a poster with a title and a familiar font and a release date. How do you feel about this project? Do you plan to see this? Or are you just plain sickened at the thought of remaking 'RoboCop'?