'Rock of Ages' is set to dance your way later this month and will bring a bevy of celebrities singing some of your favorite 80s rock staples. We've heard Tom Cruise's version of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and now you can watch Catherine Zeta-Jones perform her version of Pat Benatar's classic "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

Now, we're not exactly sure why Zeta-Jones' character - a bible-thumping Southerner in the vein of Tipper Gore (if anyone remembers back that far...) - would be singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (shouldn't Cruise's Stacee Jaxx be singing that in retaliation to Zeta-Jones' attempts to shut him down?) but let's suspend belief for a second.

This clip (after a brief setup) shows Zeta-Jones and her mommy army getting fired up to shut down rock music and then performing a full on musical number in a church. As mentioned earlier, don't try to make sense of it - it's a movie adaptation of a Broadway musical based on songs from Whitesnake and Poison.

Zeta-Jones is no stranger to singing on-screen in musicals, having won an Oscar for her performance in 'Chicago.' Does she still have the stuff?  Check out the new 'Rock of Ages' clip and below that you can listen to Pat Benatar's original for comparison's sake.

'Rock of Ages' hits theaters on June 15th.