While Rogue One was peppered with plenty of references and homages to previous Star Wars films — especially A New Hope — the parts that got the biggest cheers in the theater from diehard fans were when Red Leader and Gold Leader popped up during the climactic battle scene. Gareth Edwards had used cut footage of both actors from the original Star Wars to fit them into this movie, and it was a very cool surprise. But we did have one question: Where was Luke Skywalker’s buddy Wedge?

When a fan asked Lucasfilm story group executive Pablo Hidalgo about Wedge Antilles noted absence, he explained on Twitter that there was one big reason he was excluded from the fight. Because of one line of dialogue in A New Hope, we know that Wedge had never seen the Death Star before that moment.

Well, can’t argue with that. And it really speaks to the intricacy of the universe that a) Lucasfilm needs a whole team of people to remember this stuff to avoid glaring discrepancies from movie to movie, and b) that people can remember this stuff in the first place. Though, I’m sure A New Hope was watched tons of times by everyone involved in Rogue One just to make sure they got everything correct.

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