Disney’s Star Wars Rebels finally took us to the space between trilogies, as the Ghost crew’s adventures before the Battle of Yavin showed us how the fire of rebellion spread. The series wasn’t without some major cameos, so let’s take a look at over thirty (!) connections to the Star Wars films before the fourth and final season brings us to A New Hope.

Everyone from Darth Vader to Kylo Ren and Luke’s fellow pilots gets a shout-out on our list, though we did cut down on ships, aliens and locations that didn’t get some kind of detailed spotlight. Each reference also had to literally appear in some live-action form, just as we discounted any characters or events that were only referenced in Rebels’ first three seasons.

Either way, let’s dive into Rebels’ many film connections ahead of Season 4’s “Heroes of Mandalore” premiere!

Elsewhere, Star Wars Rebels Season 4 will premiere Monday, October 16 with the two-part “Heroes of Mandalore.” Watch the trailer below.

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