Darren Aronofsky has been doing a bang-up job updating us on his upcoming project 'Noah' via his popular Twitter feed -- tweeting out that set pic of the Ark that went semi-viral and details on filming out of Iceland. This latest look, however, isn't coming from the 'Black Swan' director. Paramount Pictures recently released the first image of lead actor Russell Crowe all suited up for his title role as Noah.

USA Today was the first one with the scoop on the image, but unfortunately couldn't give us any new tid bits to help hold us over until the 2014 release. Though we've already known for a while about some of the main points, like how this isn't our Sunday school story time character.

Crowe will become more of a warrior as opposed to the older gentleman with a white beard, the way he's more stereotypically portrayed. As the image below suggests, he'll be referencing his past roles in 'Gladiator' and 'Robin Hood' to become a scruffy and rugged working-class sort of man.

Check out the full first image of Crowe below. What do you think about this revamped Noah character?

Russell Crowe as Noah
Paramount Pictures