You guys. This is the most exciting item ever created. Even more exciting than slap bracelets. Ryan Gosling -- actor, dreamboat, amazing human -- is now available in coloring book form. Now you can take him home and color him the way you'd like him to be.

Would you like Baby Goose with red hair or brown hair or blonde hair? The choice is yours! How about a blue sweater to match his swoony blue eyes? Done! Do you like your Gosling with a beard or without? How about kissing a girl? Don't worry, you can color her to look like you or just paste your picture over her face and ta-da! Dreams come true.

Thanks to Jen Yamato at Movieline for the tip on this new coloring book from I LOVE MEL, featuring Ryan Gosling in many different styles and poses, including recreations of stills from 'Blue Valentine,' 'Drive,' and 'Lars and the Real Girl.' 'Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling' lets you bring the magic of a real hero and a human being home.

There are 15 pages of sketches, and we've collected some of our favorites below. You can buy the coloring book for £7.50 (that's $12, American), so get one for yourself and all your Gosling-gaga friends!