The coming weeks will see a great deal of digital ink devoted to the discarded material and pivots that late-night hosts faced in the wake of Tuesday’s election, and perhaps none would have been so biting as Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee. Now, Bee shows us “A Beautiful, Faraway Dream,” returning Jon Stewart and news anchors from all over to celebrate what might have been.

Ahead of a fiery monologue for this week’s Full Frontal, the cold open depicted what Bee and countless others hoped the morning of November 9 might feel like, as the election’s dark cloud finally lifted. Joining the celebration were late-night voices like Jon Stewart, Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert, to say nothing of news anchors like Van Jones, Greg Gutfeld and more.

Of course, as you’d imagine, at least portions of the segment were likely shot under the belief that this week should have gone very, very differently. The dark hue of the final moments certainly attest to that.

In addition to the cold open above, check out Bee’s Full Frontal monologue, and more.

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