Lionsgate’s upcoming horror releases Antebellum and Spiral: From the Book of Saw have both been delayed due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus, according to Variety. The decision was made this morning, following Disney/Marvel’s pulling of Black WidowLionsgate has not stated when the movies’ new release dates will be, saying that the films will be brought to the public “once there is more clarity on when theaters will safely and fully resume operations.” Antebellum was set to be released April 24, and Spiral had a May 15 premiere date.

Antebellum is a psychological thriller produced by Sean McKittrick and Raymond Mansfield, both of whom worked on Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us. The premise follows a successful writer (Janelle Monáe) who becomes trapped in the 19th century South where she is a slave. She must unravel the mystery keeping her trapped in her surroundings before it’s too late. The upcoming Saw reboot hails from Chris Rock, who co-wrote, produced, and starred in the movie alongside Samuel L. Jackson. Rock’s love of Saw is what brought the series back to life with Spiral. Rock and Jackson play detectives investigating the gruesome crime scenes left in the Jigsaw Killer’s wake.

Spiral and Antebellum join the ever-expanding list of movies whose release dates have been postponed or cancelled because of COVID-19. America’s three biggest movie theater chains — AMC, Cinemark, and Regal — have closed their doors for what AMC has estimated will be six to 12 weeks.

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