The Dark Knight Rises’ premiere is just days -- yes, days -- away and even the folks behind ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ are feeling the hype. Well, actually, it’s pretty much just Scrat who’s excited.

For the latest ‘Ice Age 4' spot, the loveable and slightly over-caffeinated fur ball transforms himself into the awesome Scratman, defender of that darn acorn he always seems to lose. When glaciers crumble into nothing, and when a crazy Bane-esque pirate monkey threatens to keep Manfred (Ray Romano) from reuniting with his family, Scratman is there… not helping at all.

Maybe it’s the paper airplane he uses instead of a Batplane or the frail helmet he wears instead of an actual battle suit that makes him less of a threat than the real Caped Crusader. If only he knew about our 'Dark Knight Rises contest, then he would've been able to win some awesome gear (hint, hint).

See Scratman fly into action in the latest spot for 'Ice Age: Continental Drift,' thanks to the folks at

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