My favorite line in this trailer for ‘She’s Funny That Way,’ the new film by Peter Bogdanovich (and his first in eight years), is “This is all very confusing.” Because it is! It took me two viewings to start to pin it all down. So Owen Wilson plays a theater director, who hires a prostitute (Imogen Poots). She only, uh, “escorts” to pay the bills while she tries to make it as an actress, and then she’s hired to star in Wilson’s new play. And then Will Forte (who, according to Wikipedia, is the play’s writer) falls for Poots, and then Kathryn Hahn is involved as well (Wikipedia, which is never wrong, says she plays Wilson’s wife). So everyone is either working with or sleeping with everyone else. Shenanigans!

Bogdanovich is a great director, even if his filmography has been pretty thin these past couple years (or decades), and he’s made this sort of bubbly movie before; his ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ from 1972 is one of the best screwball comedies ever made. So this could be good. But man this trailer is hard to follow! I guess you just have to have faith that the cast (which also includes Jennifer Aniston and Rhys Ifans) is great, and the director is great, and they know what they’re doing.

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