Shia LaBeouf spent the past few years making himself and other people a lot of money in some not so good films (see: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' and the 'Transformers' films). So 2012 is the Year of the LaBeouf - he's doing whatever makes him happy, including selling homemade comics at a regional convention or, you know, showing off his d--- in the new Sigur Ros video.

The new music video for the Sigur Ros track "Fjögur Píanó" was directed by Alma Har’el and, according to a press release, is meant to depict "a man and woman locked in a never-ending cycle of addiction and desire." It also depicts Shia LaBeouf's johnson so...

In addition to whipping it out, Shia also punches a mirror, gets slapped in the face, breaks a chair, does some weird ballet/yoga combo and scraps a shard of broken glass across a woman's back. She too, by the way, is completely nude.

Katy Perry's "California Gurls" this is not. In fact, we're not really sure what this is, but it's definitely weird. And it's definitely Shia LaBeouf completely naked. (To be fair, we love Sigur Ros and this is a great song but...)

If you're up for a little full-frontal Shia LaBeouf nudity and a heaping bowlful of WTF, we invite you to check out the seriously NSFW (NSFL?) music video below.

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