Apologies, residents of Oregon.  Where once it looked like a 23 year-old mystery had been finally solved, now Matt Groening has recanted his statement that 'The Simpsons' hometown of Springfield lay in the fine state of Oregon.  But if not there, will we ever get the true answer?

Speaking in an earlier interview with The Smithsonian, 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening rather blithely seemed to put to rest that age-old question of where The Simpson family truly resided, given the sheer number of American cities bearing the name Springfield.  Describing his inspiration for the town's moniker, Groening stated simply:

Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show “Father Knows Best” took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown. When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name. I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, “This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.” And they do.

Media outlets were quick to jump on the apparent reveal, but now Groening clarifies to TVGuide that his words werent meant to be taken quite so literally.  "I never said Springfield was in Oregon," Groening says. "I said Springfield was the name of my sled."

Executive producer Al Jean chimes in, "They misinterpreted something I've heard him say for at least 10 or 20 years.  He was inspired by growing up in Portland, but it's really an every town. It's really funny. Matt grew up in Oregon and parts of 'The Simpsons' were definitely inspired by his childhood. But there is no specific state that Springfield is in, and we will never reveal that secret... except this coming Sunday at 8."

Well, so much for closure.  But in the end, does it really matter where "Springfield" is, which has been alternately seen to border impossible states, and contain a "West" Springfield three times the size of Texas?  Let's just enjoy the show, folks.

What say you?  Do you think the real location of Springfield will ever be revealed?  Do you even care?  Tell us how you feel about 'The Simpsons' these days in the comments below!