How exactly The Situation plans to maintain his new found sobriety on a show fueled by alcohol is unclear but the 'Jersey Shore' star is bound and determined to return for the show's sixth season, drunk or not. "Bound" is the key word here, as The Situation will be forced to miss a court date in his ongoing legal battle with Abercrombie & Fitch due to his contractual obligations to appear on the MTV hit this June.

"The Situation," government name Mike Sorrentino, is suing the clothing company for ten-million dollars for selling "Situation" and "G.T.L." themed apparel. Abercombie & Fitch claims their designs are pure parody and therefore non-infringing on any trademarks Sorrentino or MTV might hold. Interestingly enough, A&F once offered to pay Sorrentino not to wear their clothes.

TMZ reports The Situation, who was recently in rehab for a substance abuse problem, is scheduled to appear in court for the case on June 14th but is asking to postpone the date, as he's to appear on "Jersey Shore" from May 22nd to July 7th.

Though both the show's marquee stars, The Situation and Snooki will be back, with one sober and the other pregnant, we're left wondering what's the point.