'Skyfall' is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and it's just raised the stakes with the start of the Olympics. Not only did Danny Boyle stage an opening to the ceremony in honor of England's famous spy, but there's a new TV spot to go along with it. And it's a whole lot of awesome.

Little is shown about the plot, though there are glimpses of bad guy Javier Bardem, and some of the women that Bond may or may not sleep with (this is a modern Bond, who's not as eager to jump in bed with the ladies as previous generations did).

But the star of the spot is - at is should be - Daniel Craig as Bond. Though he's been great in the last two films, it's the last moment where he jumps off an exploding train only to straighten his cufflinks that comes across like one of the best moments of a Connery Bond (like in 'Goldfinger' when Connery lights up as an explosion goes off in the background). This is a man who has seen it all and can act a little bored having survived something that would kill a normal person. 'Skyfall' opens November 9, and we can't wait. Here's the TV spot: