With the success of this year's 'The Woman in Black,' Hammer Films is officially back on the map. The studio that pushed the boundaries of horror back in the day (namely, the '50s through the '70s) has been dormant for awhile, but their return to the scene is a reason for much celebration amongst horror buffs. Now, Hammer not only has their own YouTube channel, but they have exclusive content to premiere on it! How about a sneak peek at their next release, 'The Quiet Ones'?

'The Quiet Ones' has everything you'd expect from a classic Hammer production. An intellectual hero (in this case, a professor), a period setting (in this case, the 1970s) and a respectable British leading man who will help ground the horror with a superb lead performance (in this case, 'Mad Men's Jared Harris, who feels like the perfect successor to classic Hammer regulars like Peter Cushing). Even the story feels like a true Hammer production: a professor and a group of students work to transform negative energy into their own "homemade" ghosts with typically disastrous results. Yep, we're on board.

Although it's still filming, 'The Quiet Ones' will hit sometime in 2013. As if Jared "Lane Pryce" Harris wasn't enough for you kids, it also has future Finnick Odair (AKA, Sam Claflin) aboard. Here's that sneak peek: