What would a SNL 40th Anniversary Special be without Celebrity Jeopardy, one of the most popular recurring sketches of the modern SNL era. Alex Trebek was back and he brought with him some of his most frustrating contestants including Sir Sean Connery, Justin Bieber, Tony Bennett, Matthew McConaughey, Christoph Waltz, and, of course, Turd Ferguson.

Some things may have changed over the years at SNL, but things on the set of Celebrity Jeopardy have stayed the same. The celebrities are still stupid, Alex Trebek is still losing his patience and Sean Connery still can't get the names of the categories right (“Let It Snow” quickly became “Le Tits Now”). With Darrell Hammond and Norm MacDonald reprising their Celebrity Jeopardy mainstays, they were joined by Jim Carrey doing his Matthew McConaughey, Taran Killam doing his Christoph Waltz and Kate McKinnon with her killer Justin Bieber impression. There was even a surprise appearance by Bill Cosby, who wanted to share a special drink he mixed up.

It didn't make much sense as an actual talk show (at one point there were about six contestants on stage), but the best part of Celebrity Jeopardy was that it never really made much sense. Why would Burt Reynolds demand to be called Turd Ferguson? Why does Sean Connery hate Alex Trebek (and his mother for that matter) so much? The genius of Celebrity Jeopardy was that it was a basically a recurring bit that was able to have all new guests and impressions each time it aired, which is maybe why it never felt stale (whereas many recurring characters and bits wore out their welcome quickly).

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