SNL’s 40th anniversary special had some real ups and downs (even “Californians” defenders can agree that sketch went on way too long), but it possibly could have benefitted from this Kyle Mooney segment, which was sadly cut for time. Mooney, who often plays socially inept/awkward characters in his SNL sketches, does his recurring bit where he interviews passerby on the streets of New York, this time about SNL’s 40th anniversary. Oddly enough, he seems to find plenty of people who are unaware of the show, as well as some who hilariously lack knowledge about a show they claim to enjoy.

In the above video, Kyle Mooney’s fictional version of himself — more awkward, lots of stuttering — approaches strangers on the street to ask them how they feel about SNL and its 40th anniversary. When he asks one guy which recent cast members are his favorites, the man earnestly answers with “Fred Armistad.” Hey, he’s my favorite, too.

Mooney tries to engage passerby with talk of how SNL will rock their socks off, and even suggests bogus cast member names of his own — when one woman can’t recall a Weekend Update anchor’s name, Mooney acts as if he can’t either before finally offering “Mikey Ritter,” to which she enthusiastically agrees.

It’s a totally hilarious segment, which isn’t a surprise if you’re a fan of Mooney’s awesome work on the show. It’s also not the first segment of his that’s been cut for time recently: he also had a wonderful pre-taped short featuring his bad comedian character Bruce Chandling attempting to pitch Kevin Hart on a new TV show.

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