SNL opening monologues are frequently the most uninspired portion of the episode, often feeling like they were thrown together at the last possible moment. And maybe they are! If you only have a week to put together 90 minutes of sketch comedy, you’d probably wait until the last second to get this part done, too. Thankfully, guest host Amy Schumer had everyone covered this week, using her opening bit to deliver some new stand-up comedy.

Like Louis C.K. before her, Schumer took the stage alone, delivered a decently sized set of jokes in her own style without even acknowledging the traditional SNL format, and then segued into the rest of the show. And for better or worse, it’s one of the funniest stretches of the entire episode. When the other option always seems to be finding a reason to let the host break into song, just letting the host be the host for a little while is refreshing.

With double the time of the usual monologue (eight minutes!), Schumer delivers a very relaxed, very funny routine that doesn’t feel compromised in any way. The jokes are typical Schumer (The Kardashians are terrible! She once talked to Bradley Cooper for waaay too long!), but they set a high bar for the rest of the episode.