It has been way too long since Beck Bennett’s Mr. Patterson made an appearance on SNL, but the man-baby makes his hilarious return this week, transitioning from running an office to running for office — it really doesn’t take much to see how this sketch came to be, but it’s still absolutely delightful nonetheless.

The math is easy: Anyone would be a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump, including a baby. What about a grown man who has the motor skills of a baby? Hey, you know what? Trump has been mocked for his small, baby-like hands. Boom. There’s your sketch idea.

And it’s a good one — far better than this week’s Trump-centric cold open, in fact. Bennett may be the world’s foremost baby-acting expert: The way he toddles around like his head is 10 times heavier than his body, or how he claps and gurgles and celebrates his own silly victories, and best of all, the way he does a confused peek-a-boo freakout when Taran Killam unwittingly holds a stack of papers up to his face.

This week’s episode was a little lacking in the absurdity department, but we can always count on Beck Bennett (and Kyle Mooney) to deliver something truly ridiculous.

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