One of the funniest recurring characters on 'Saturday Night Live' is easily Vanessa Bayer's Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy. Played with a perfect combination of silliness and realism, the character's bad jokes and overly rehearsed presentations are hilarious, adorable and a joy to behold. The character returned on last night's episode with a special assignment: the explain the Passover holiday. Watch it below!

The scene follows the template established by Jacob's previous appearances, but the character is still so funny that this isn't a problem (although it could be in the future). Weekend Update host Seth Meyer invites his "podiatrist's son and recent Bar Mitzvah" boy onto the show to discuss a topic, but all Jacob can do is read directly from his binder and throw out softball jokes about his family members, which are always followed by an apology. A bad joke about things being "better than homework" is truly a blessed comedy gift.

There's always something special about those sketches where the actors can barely contain their laughter and there are points in the scene where Bayer and Meyer can barely keep a straight face. SNL is one of the few places where actors failing to perform ends up being funnier than the written material.