Between Donald Trump, Confederate flags, Rachel Dolezal and marriage equality, it’s a painful time for SNL to be on hiatus. Thankfully, the NBC sketch comedy today brings us one step closer to September (okay, last September) with a cut sketch from the Season 40 premiere featuring Guardians of the Galaxy favorite Chris Pratt putting on his best Jason Statham.

Though it isn’t clear why NBC held the sketch until now (perhaps worth noting is that it bears passing resemblance to Season 35's “Hamm & Buble” bit), a new cut sketch from this past September’s premiere sees a bald-cap wearing Pratt putting on his best Jason Statham impression to hawk a new line of Steakums.

For the most part, the bit seems mostly to hinge on Pratt attempting (and sometimes stumbling) to say “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums” in rapid succession, though a few turns and cameos elevate the sketch beyond a lot of what Season 40 had to offer by the end. And to think, we might have seen Star-Lord putting on his best Bullseye.

While we wait for SNL’s Season 41 premiere this fall, check out the above sketch, and start thinking about future hosts (cough, Amy Schumer, cough).

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