If there's one thing Saturday Night Live has been getting right for decades now, it's commercial parodies. Cheesy cold commercials may be an easy target, but that doesn't make this sketch starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig any less funny.

It's a simple set-up, but it's a gag that doesn't need to be complicated. A woman tries to tell the viewers at home about how wonderful Nasaflu is for all of their cold-fighting needs, but her husband's thoroughly obnoxious sneezing gets in the way at every turn.

It's a scene that wonderfully plays to the strengths of both performers. Wiig is a master of deadpan reactions and her slow boil from irritated to enraged is absolutely perfect. As for Ferrell, there has never been a anyone better at sudden, loud and bizarre outbursts. In a future textbook about the history of comedy, you can bet that he'll be noted as the man who mastered the art of comedic shouting.