Maybe a better title for this fake trailer for a fake faith-based drama would be God’s Not Gay, but you can see how that one might have been a bit too risky. In the one sketch that didn’t feature guest host Julia Louis-Dreyfus, SNL offers this hilariously silly satire of movies like God’s Not Dead (okay, mostly just that movie alone), complete with Lifetime Original movie production values and melodramatic courtroom scenes.

Vanessa Bayer stars as a baker whose faith is tested by a gay couple (Taran Killam and Jon Rudnitsky) who want to order a cake for their wedding. When Bayer refuses to serve the couple, the whole thing escalates all the way up to the court room, where everyone tries to make her admit that God is gay.

The sketch arrives at a time when states are voting on legislation that would allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community based on “religious beliefs,” making this satire particularly relevant — and while that concept is quite serious, it’s nice to have something to make us laugh and highlight the inherent absurdity of such laws. It’s also a great satire of the way that the prejudicial part of this equation believes themselves to be unfairly persecuted, and perceive a nice gay couple like the one above as downright evil.

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