Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live last night for hosting duties and during his opening monologue, he noted that it was going to be Mother's Day in twenty minutes. Never one to avoid any possible gag, Ferrell did the appropriate thing: he brought his own mother out on stage.

Ferrell informs his mother that every time he's said he loved her, he was being fed lines by his writers and wants to use this opportunity to speak from the heart for the first time. The result is classic Ferrell: weird, slightly random and a little gross. Mrs. Ferrell does everything in her power to act shocked and horrified, but in true SNL tradition, she frequently breaks character to laugh at her son's antics.

In a nice touch, the monologue ends on a genuinely sweet note, a true human moment from a comic who specializes in playing absurd, larger-than-life characters. Hey...even Ron Burgundy has a mom, guys. And he loves her, too!

If you're a mom and you're reading this, happy Mother's Day! If you're not a mom and you're reading this, go call your mom. Right now. Go.