In one of the weirdest sketches of last night's 'SNL,' Nasim Pedrad and guest host Lena Dunham play the teenage hosts of their own web show. Broadcasting from a basement (where Bobby Moynihan lives and plays video games), "What Are You Even Doing? You're Being Crazy" is exactly the kind of show two young girls with a limited understanding of the world would put on. And yet, somehow, they've booked 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm as a guest.

First, the girls bring on a football player from school (gamely played by Kyle Mooney), who finds himself subjected to all kinds of inane and awkward questions, always being told that he's "being crazy" no matter what he says. At first, the sketch appears to be fairly standard stuff, but then Hamm enters and things get pretty great. A terrified Hamm demands to know if this is a "Chris Hansen thing," saying that he has no idea what the show is and that his agent told him to be there (he was promised pizza).

Of course, the oblivious hosts are unaware that they have Don friggin' Draper on camera with them, so they never ask him any relevant questions. But they do ask him to flirt to the camera, which results in the best Jon Hamm face ever.