Whether or not you're still following 'Saturday Night Live' after all these years, it's hard to deny that Seth MacFarlane did a pretty bang-up job bringing the long-running sketch comedy show into its 38th season, parodying everything from "Gangnam Style" to Clint Eastwood, and even introducing its new Barack Obama.  With 'Looper's' Joseph Gordon-Levitt ready to take the reigns for this Saturday night with Mumford & Sons as the musical guest, do the new promos show JGL up to the task?

'SNL' returns this weekend, strangely enough on a Saturday, with returning host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and indie-rock sensation Mumford & Sons. We've seen JGL, or as 'SNL' star Jason Sudeikis puts it, "Jo-Go-Lev," succeed before, but will lightning strike twice? Can we expect any good 'Looper' parodies, or will all the burden be on the big revelation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'The Dark Knight Rises' character?

NBC has issued the official promos for season 38 of 'SNL's' second episode below, which feature Joseph Gordon-Levitt displaying his ninja skills, going to deadly lengths to impress the audience, and even pitching 'Looper' spin-offs with Jason Sudeikis! But the real question is, do we really have to wait until 2079 for 'Scooper'?

Check out the promos below, and tell us if you'll tune in for Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosting 'SNL' with Mumford & Sons in the comments!