Never one to leave a cultural stone unturned, SNL did what everyone else on the internet is doing these days: they made a homage to the massively popular "Gangnam Style" music video from Korean pop star Psy. However, SNL took things one step further: they got Psy himself to join in.

With 200 million YouTube views and a firm grasp on the top of the iTunes singles downloads, "Gangnam Style" is the kind of unlikely sensation that would have been impossible a decade ago (back in the dark days of -- GASP! -- no YouTube!). How many underground Korean rappers find sudden success in North America these days? Not many.

The best part about SNL's tribute to the video is how and when it is revealed. What begins as a typical (i.e., unfunny) "Lids" sketch suddenly transforms into something grander when guest host Seth MacFarlane uses a special red button to summon the dancers from the "Gangnam Style" video whenever his co-workers need cheering up. Each time he presses it, more and more elements from the video show up. Finally, Psy himself appears and the audience goes nuts.

Could this scene be a commentary on how we use fun YouTube videos to lift our spirits and help us power through rough days at work? Or is it just an excuse to get "Gangnam Style" on SNL? In either case, we're thankful for it.