Back in 2006, Justin Timberlake helped deliver one of the greatest Saturday Night Live scenes of all time with "D!%k in a Box" (which we're only censoring because your parents might be reading this). It's tough to imagine "She's Got a D!%k" from last night's episode having the same cultural cache, but hey, Timberlake is nothing if not consistent.

The scene is a fairly straightforward recreation of a typical romantic comedy trailer and the fact that it captures that particular rhythm is what really makes it all work. Timberlake stars an average guy who falls in love with a beautiful woman, but their relationship is threatened after some dark secrets are revealed. And by "dark secrets,' we mean that she has little more down below than most girls.

It's an amusing if slightly one-note bit that may sound trite on paper but works due to the overall execution. What could have been extremely ugly is actually rendered surprisingly sweet thanks to the honest performances of everyone involved (including one pretty solid Eugene Levy impersonation). Watch if for yourself below.