The days of SNL’s traditional promo may be behind us, as Benedict Cumberbatch, Dave Chappelle and now Kristen Wiig have all donned new formats to promote their respective hosting gigs. And while we’re at it, SNL was bound to do the “Mannequin Challenge” sooner or later, so let’s just play this one out as quick as possible, okay?

Yes, the entirety of SNL’s cast and crew participated in a Mannequin Challenge to promote Kristen Wiig’s return this coming Saturday, joined by musical guest The xx. Even the skeleton twins from the David S. Pumpkins sketch were “part of it,” in case you needed clearer emphasis on SNL riding trends into the dirt.

This weekend will mark the latest return for the Ghostbusters star, as Wiig actually hosted back in 2013 as well, after leaving the series with Season 37 in 2012. It remains to be seen if SNL will dive back into politics after last weekend’s somber cold-open, as Alec Baldwin may have hung up his Trump wig as well.

Either way, check out the mesmerizing promo above, and stay tuned for more SNL with Kristen Wiig.

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