SNL seems to be cementing a new approach to promos after Benedict Cumberbatch last week, so if you’re looking for laughs this morning, you may not find them here. Watch the Chappelle’s Show host make a dramatic entrance in our first taste of this weekend’s SNL debut.

Much as Cumberbatch made way to the SNL stage in his promo, Chappelle gets his own A Tribe Called Quest-tinged walk through the interior of NBC studios. Saturday will mark Chappelle’s SNL debut, along with his musical accompaniment.

Chappelle has largely stuck to standup in recent years, especially after the infamous controversy around his 2005 exit from Chappelle’s Show. The comedian also garnered a brief bit of scrutiny with last week’s reports that a stand-up set had revealed him as a Trump supporter, though Chappelle quickly stepped up to correct the record.

It’s going to be an interesting one this weekend, but watch the first SNL promo above, and stay tuned for more.

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