In an episode that was filled with sketches that were mostly just okay and had a weirdly upper middle-class theme, there was one such sketch that satirized suburban living beautifully. SNL introduces Heroin AM, a product for the busy parent who needs that kick of heroin without the danger of falling flat on their face in public.

It was the best of this week’s two (yes, two) fake ads, with guest host Julia Louis-Dreyfus joining Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett to espouse the perks of Heroin AM, a new daily supplement that combines heroin with cocaine and caffeine to take the edge off and keep you awake. Done in the style of most generic vitamin and supplement ads, this one predictably takes a few hilarious left turns, and though it’s a simple concept, it’s executed perfectly.

And there is nothing — NOTHING — funnier in this week’s episode than the gummy bear version of Heroin AM. It’s like the Kool-Aid man was reduced to a gummy bear made (almost) entirely of heroin.