As is often the case these days, the funniest sketch on last night's episode of 'SNL' wasn't built around the guest host or a celebrity impersonation. In fact, this one doesn't even feature host Chris Rock. It does, however, feature Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney in two of the lead roles, only further cementing them as the funniest guys on this show at the moment.

The sketch casts Bennett, Mooney and Bobby Moynihan as a trio of armed robbers who storm a bank with guns at the ready. Speaking like typical movie tough guys, they don't seem like a particularly nice or merciful bunch ... until they notice that an elderly man is physically incapable of complying with their order to get down on the the ground. So they bring him a chair.

It's a simple joke, but it keeps on paying off. Every time one of their hostages acts out of turn, the robbers seem like they're going to do something awful ("I'm going to teach you a lesson") only to do something that makes their victim incredibly comfortable (like actually teaching a fun lesson on the Civil War). The funniest bit takes place in the bank vault itself, where the lead robber decides to give the manager cute jewelry in the most threatening manner possible.

Like the best 'SNL' digital shorts, the acting feels more assured than the actual live sketches and the filmmaking is actually solid, perfectly capturing and riffing on the style of directors like Michael Mann. Every episode should feature Mooney, Bennett and whoever else they choose just running wild with a concept. In what can best be described as a rebuilding year for everyone's favorite sketch comedy show, these two are making it look easy.

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