Last night's Chris Rock-hosted episode of 'SNL' saw a handful of sketches that seemed interested in crossing lines of good taste and/or grotesqueness, but there was only one that dealt exclusively with inserting cameras up your rear end. Enter the commercial parody for "GoProbe," the world's coolest and most exciting way to have a, uh, colonoscopy.

With the tagline "go deeper," this camera is advertised as the best way for all of the cool dudes over the age of 40 to ensure their healthiness. But since this is a spin-off from the popular GoPro brand, which has become omnipresent in the sporting world, our guides to this exciting new technology are two aging extreme sports enthusiasts, who promise that the GoProbe is perfect for cool dudes like you. After all, this camera "grinds the rails of your intestines with ease" and produces footage so crystal clear that you can share it with all of your friends!

It's inherently disgusting subject matter, but the image of aging athletes eagerly awaiting having a camera inserted up their butts is too weird to not appreciate, especially since they're wearing their sports gear into the hospital. It's an utterly weird sketch that's probably going to gross out as many people as it amuses, but what can we say? Any fake ad that features the line "This ain't your grandpa's colonoscopy!" followed by old-timey footage of a man having a 35mm camera placed where the sun doesn't shine has to be worth something.