Welcome back, SNL! Everyone's simultaneously beloved and hated live sketch comedy show returned last night after its holiday break and, naturally, they had to play catch-up, making fun of everything that they missed in the past couple of weeks. First on their list? 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.' Or rather, its eighteen sequels.

The sketch pokes fun at Peter Jackson's decision to split 'The Hobbit' into three movies while also mocking the sheer amount of filler in the first film. According to the sketch, we'll get to see entire movies about returning to the Shire because someone forgot something, an Elf queen (played by guest host Jennifer Lawrence) trying to decide what to wear and Bilbo and the Dwarves getting lost thanks to Apple Maps. Making fun of a film as popular (and as flawed) as 'The Hobbit' is going after low hanging fruit, but it's still pretty fun.

A special note before the video embed: does anyone else think the production values on this sketch look better than the usual SNL standards? Nothing looks up to cinematic snuff, but the sets an costumes actually resemble their cinematic counterparts a bit more than usual and don't look like they were assembled from a prop room in twenty minutes. The fact that everything looks a little more accurate to the film makes the jokes land even better.

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