Sometimes, if feels like Saturday Night Live is just an excuse for a bunch of talented mimics to try out their best and newest impressions. But when they're as good as those compiled in this faux trailer that played during last night's episode, we're perfectly okay with that. A parody of 'Taken 2,' 'The Expendables' and just about every other modern action movie, it's easily one of the strongest video shorts to be featured on the show in recent memory.

The sketch finds the children of the CIA's top assassins abducted, which means one thing: lots of threatening phone conversations, followed by more threatening phone conversations and then, finally, revenge!

It's a murderer's row of great action star impersonations. We've seen Jay Pharoah's impeccable Denzel Washington before (and it never gets old), but Fred Armisen perfectly captures Harrison Ford's raspy growl and Jason Sudeikis' Mel Gibson is appropriately loud and and anti-Semitic. On top of them, you've got a top notch Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, Steven Seagal and in a last minute cameo, Bill Hader's Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is a thing of absolute beauty.