'Snow White and the Huntsman' is opening tomorrow, and it looks like another in this summer's line of films that were meant to be big blockbusters, but missed the mark. Perhaps audiences will enjoy it more than we did, but if you're on the fence, there's a last minute clip from the film to entice you.

Here we see that the film is concerned with destiny and bloodlines, which has been the standard operating procedure since George Lucas said he was directly inspired by Joseph Cambell's Hero Journey some thirty-five years ago.

The main point of posting this clip is to get a better look at the dwarves, who have been given the short shrift by marketing. When you've got people like Ian McShane, Toby Jones and Nick Frost among them, you hope that they add to the movie - but I guess if you're selling the scale and adventure, they could be seen as too kid-friendly. Here you can watch them torture Kristen Stewart's Snow White, and Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman (we wonder if he has a first name. Maybe it's Steven. Steven the Huntsman.)

The movie opens tomorrow. Perhaps proving Disney right for killing their version of the story.


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