The business of movie-making means that sometimes it's smarter to prep something that may not happen than not be ready for a smash hit. This explains why Universal is looking to hire David Koepp to write a follow up to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' without the film even having played in theaters.

We've seen this go both ways in terms of success. Remember last year when DreamWorks started working on 'Real Steel 2' before the first film hit? That looks like a waste of money. But then, look at Paramount, who had to wait four years for their follow up to 'Star Trek.' Were they more confident and had their talent on lock down, we could have seen that sequel already.

Part of this  - at least according to Deadline is that Universal wants to keep Rupert Sanders - who helmed 'The Huntsman' - available for the follow up. They likely have him under some sort of sequel option, but would rather he follow this up with the sequel instead of waiting an extra year or so.

It used to be that a three year gap exist between most sequels (outside of horror films, which would often churn out a sequel a year), but with Harry Potter and Twilight, a year between is not that odd. At this rate the follow up wouldn't be ready until 2014... if the opening weekend is big enough.

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