Typically, console launches are saddled with sell-outs, and the increased demand leads to new systems fetching high prices for months after the initial launch. Sony's hoping to keep its patient fans happy by holding back on some pre-order stock to ensure there are fresh units on the shelf for walk-ins.

Speaking with Fox Business about the PlayStation 4, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton discussed the company's plans for the console's launch. "We want to make sure consumers have an opportunity to buy one on Nov. 15 and through the holidays," Tretton said. "So we're holding back some inventory to make sure people have an opportunity to buy one when they come in on launch day."

In regards to how well production is moving on the PS4, Tretton said Sony doing quite well on that front, and shouldn't have as much of a problem meeting demand this time around. "This will be, by a magnitude of a lot, the biggest launch we've ever had," Tretton added. He also promised some 30 games would be available by the end of the year, which is a nice boost from the 20 or so launch titles coming to the PS4.

The interview itself is tough to watch as major news outlets still have quite a bit of trouble sounding like they actually know what video games are, but it's still worth a listen just to hear what Tretton has to say about his hopes for the next-gen system.